Change the World with the Violet Flame!


Transform the World with Violet Flame!

Welcome to the Violet Flame website!

We welcome brothers and sisters around the world who are interested in working with the violet flame to transform ourselves and our world. The violet flame is the gift of miracles to Lightbearers seeking an accelerated spiritual path.

Take the 30-Day violet Flame Challenge!

Gain Control of Your Life.
Shine the powerful Light of the Violet Flame
Wherever you desire change.

Just Starting Out with the Violet Flame?

15-Minutes a Day Is All It Takes

Start experimenting with the violet flame – an invisible spiritual energy sometimes known as the seventh ray of the Holy Spirit – and see how it changes your world.

Western saints and Eastern adepts have used the violet flame to accelerate their spiritual development for centuries. Once a secret knowledge only used in mystery schools, Saint Germain’s release of its knowledge in the 20th century has now grown to wide-spread use by spiritual seekers of all faiths.

The violet flame revitalizes and invigorates us.

The violet flame changes negative energy into positive energy. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the violet flame provides a platform for our healing.

The techniques for invoking this light are simple to use. You can conduct personal violet-flame experiments on your own.

Don’t take it on faith – give the violet flame a true try and observe your results – take on the Violet Flame Challenge.

Violet Flame Resources

If you are just learning about the violet flame, how to meditate using visualizations, or how to work with it through violet flame decrees and affirmations, we have plenty of resources for you to explore on this website.

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The Worldwide Violet Flame Vigil- a Worldwide Alchemy of Spirit

Over 1500 spiritual seekers from 76 countries joined together in 2012 to give a 6 month marathon of worldwide violet flame to change the world. After overwhelming that website, we have created this new website to help brothers and sisters around the world connect, pray, visualize and have the tools to change the world…in the face of what appears to be an impossible task.

Many of us have been touched personally by the hardships of this age. We have grieved over a parent with cancer or a child on drugs. We look on helplessly as homeless and displaced families who have suffered through war, earthquakes or hurricanes peer at us with anguished eyes from news images. Or in dismay we watch the images of terrorist atrocities. We’ve all probably asked ourselves, “Is there anything I can do?”

The answer is a resounding “Yes!”

Join the worldwide movement for spiritual and personal freedom at the Violet Flame Vigil. Experiment and give the Violet Flame. Your brothers and sisters are waiting for you to join them.