Transform the World with Violet Flame!

What is the Violet Flame?

The violet flame is a high frequency spiritual energy that cleans up and transmutes negative karma and works wonders healing body, mind and soul! Use this wondrous elixir to enhance your health, balance your psychology, improve your finances, heal relationships, restore family unity and much more!

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What People Are Saying

To me, the violet flame means transforming those elements of myself (and the world) that are not reflecting wholeness, into what God meant for us to be!

~ Laura

The violet flame is the most important gift for mankind in the Aquarian age. A true instrument for lasting change!

~ Steven

Like taking a shower, it makes me feel clean and fresh. The violet flame gives me not only the feeling of freshness, but also the feeling of being clean and the purification of my spirit, mind and soul.

~ Luz

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15-Minutes a Day Is All It Takes. Start experimenting with the violet flame - see how it changes your world! Use these simple, yet profound, techniques, to invoke this light.

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The Worldwide Violet Flame Vigil
A Dynamic Alchemy of Spirit

Connect, pray, visualize, love and change the world! Together we are a powerful force for positive change.

We see a world suffering and wonder “Is there anything we can do?” The answer is a resounding "Yes!" Lend your heart to the worldwide movement for spiritual and personal freedom.

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