the World with Violet Flame

Use this spiritual energy to transmute negative conditions in your life, help your family, uplift your community, and change the world!

30-Day Violet Flame Challenge

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Violet Flame Challenge

15-Minutes a Day Is All It Takes. Use these simple, yet profound, techniques, to heal Body, Mind, and Soul.

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Worldwide Violet Flame Vigil

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Violet Flame Vigil!

Connect, pray, meditate and manifest light for the world!
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The Secret of the Violet Flame

The violet flame is for those who yearn to break out of their negative family patterns; to free themselves and others from the miasma of human emotions; to heal wounds of the body, mind, and heart; and to shake off the leaden shackles of their past. Join all those seeking for freedom and victory through the Violet Flame.

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What People Are Saying

To me, the violet flame means transforming those elements of myself (and the world) that are not reflecting wholeness, into what God meant for us to be!
Laura, USA

"It is God’s forgiveness in action."
Roberto, Mexico

The violet flame is the most important gift for mankind in the Aquarian age. A true instrument for lasting change!
Steven, USA

"The greatest help ever we can get to achieve our higher goals. "
Frederick, Holland

"It is the right spiritual tool to transform my life and the lives of all those who need a healing touch."
Karina, Ecuador

"The violet flame is the most important thing in my life. When I think about God and about resolving a problem, I intensify my use of the violet flame. The resolution comes in days or months."
Luz Janira, Brazil